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hello human beings! i am one of you. this can be a rather lonely venture. sometimes not so much. but sometimes yes so much, and at surprising times.
i'm in galway with my sister and brother whom i both love and whom some of you know and love as well. i was very lonely the other day regardless. school can sometimes be very isolating even with two score of my peers living on the same floor as me. i finished reading the bell jar. my glasses are still broken. who cares besides laura tryzzzybizzinkskiski though? hm, i just finished the bell jar. i was more involved in it than i suspected. shock therapy is pretty messed up. i haven't thought about that in a while. one fun thought came from it though, when it reminded me of strange brew when rick moranis wants his turn on the device.

so i tried to go to a meeting of irish anarchists today but i couldn't find it. alas.
i've smoked more cigarettes this week than in the rest of my life put together. no more though.

but yes, back to the lonely thing. i suppose we should all thank those who have and who do stop us from being lonely. that is a good thing--a great thing. posi for life!
but yes. i say thank you and i love you so much to the person who deigns to keep my company the most! it's really great.

but thank you and i love you to everybody who has ever stifled loneliness for me even a little bit. people are great. at least that is my subjective opinion, made biased by all the great people i call friends!

jesus was raised from the dead! so was this livejournal! perhaps at some point people will celebrate the anniversary of this occasion by eating much chocolate.
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