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hello human beings! i am one of you. this can be a rather lonely venture. sometimes not so much. but sometimes yes so much, and at surprising times.
i'm in galway with my sister and brother whom i both love and whom some of you know and love as well. i was very lonely the other day regardless. school can sometimes be very isolating even with two score of my peers living on the same floor as me. i finished reading the bell jar. my glasses are still broken. who cares besides laura tryzzzybizzinkskiski though? hm, i just finished the bell jar. i was more involved in it than i suspected. shock therapy is pretty messed up. i haven't thought about that in a while. one fun thought came from it though, when it reminded me of strange brew when rick moranis wants his turn on the device.

so i tried to go to a meeting of irish anarchists today but i couldn't find it. alas.
i've smoked more cigarettes this week than in the rest of my life put together. no more though.

but yes, back to the lonely thing. i suppose we should all thank those who have and who do stop us from being lonely. that is a good thing--a great thing. posi for life!
but yes. i say thank you and i love you so much to the person who deigns to keep my company the most! it's really great.

but thank you and i love you to everybody who has ever stifled loneliness for me even a little bit. people are great. at least that is my subjective opinion, made biased by all the great people i call friends!

jesus was raised from the dead! so was this livejournal! perhaps at some point people will celebrate the anniversary of this occasion by eating much chocolate.
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i loved the bell jar so much, but its probably magnefied the feeling of isolation a little bit. i miss you in westchester and being super positive. me and jack sweeney are trying to bring back the posi hardcore but its not as easy as it looks. you should keep updating this so i can know what you are doing with your life in buffalo.
maybe i will. we'll talk soon. you know i can't resist your charms.
whoa what

the bell jar was my favorite book before I read blindness. I went from real negi to real posi right quick.
anyway I miss you
hey i miss you too. someone read me long passages of blindness once a few years ago and it was really scary. your icon is comforting. what?! a cat picture on the internet without a hilarious grammatically incorrect caption? is that still allowed?
god i miss you. i wasnt myself i was an angry drunk confused sap the other day.
don't worry about it. next time we'll be confused drunk saps together and i will see you a lot sooner than in seven months. i miss you too.
itd be nice to have you be my friend again, if you want to be.
sure thing. how was postseason college hoops? did you go to the NIT games?i'm envious.
you guys didnt even make NIT? I didnt know anyone could be envious of the NIT. I traveled with both teams to their big east tournaments - really nice daytrips because they both lost relatively spectacularly - and our women had good shot, too - and then the women lost in the first game of the NCAA (their 4th trip to the NCAA in SU history!!) in a close game in Baton Rouge that I could not attend - the men won the first two NIT games in the Dome and lost 2 nights ago to Umass after being up 24 points. They're really something. But we got Mookie Jones next year! How did you season end? Rishawn didn't carry the team to victory?
that all sounds like fun. no, canisius hoops suck and thus the season ended quickly. i commend your school spirit.

Deleted comment

the royaltown, the heartland? sounds better than the land of ire. but i'll save you soon from such places and canadian comedy, nonfiction, and doughnuts sound great.
Does this post mean you are in Ireland? If it does, I have to point your attention to this anonymous verse in Middle English:

Ich am of Irelonde,
And of the holy londe
Of Irelonde.
Good sire, praye ich thee,
Of sainte charitee,
Com and dance with me
In Irelonde.

Make sure to blast the Undertones on the plane ride back so you never forget.
hey i will. i miss you tons and i've gotta see you soon. how was the bard show?
i just read this in my birt lit class, no joke. not joking.
contrary to popular opinion, sylvia plath does not suck. she's awesome. and it's awesome you liked the bell jar.

i was staying with my friend in philly a few days ago and i brought a chocolate rabbit and we ate it for breakfast smeared in peanut butter.

i miss you. wanna talk sometime?
i'd love to. i miss you too. give me a call in between your crazy adventures.
jack i just wanted to say I'd love to see you as soon as possible after the 15th of june (2008) and that you've just about filled your yearly quota for livejournal posts, given that the last six entries have spanned four years.
this was a really nice entry.

posi for life, indeed!